CorePy: Assembly Programming in Python

And Now for Something Completely Different...

CorePy is a Python package for developing assembly-level applications on x86, Cell BE and PowerPC processors. Its simple APIs enable the creation of complex, high-performance applications that take advantage of advanced processor features, including multiple cores and vector instruction sets (SSE, VMX, SPU), usually inaccessible from high-level languages.

Based on an advanced run-time system, CorePy lets developers build and execute assembly-level programs interactively from the Python command prompt or embed them directly in Python applications. By shortening the tool-chain for developing assembly code, CorePy dramatically lowers the barrier for machine-level programming.

CorePy is a general purpose development tool applicable to a broad range of domains, including game development, multimedia systems, scientific and high-performance computing, and embedded applications. CorePy has been used to optimize applications for x86, PowerPC 970 and Cell BE systems and regularly outperforms compiled languages for common computational tasks (as hand-coded assembly often does).

While much more than a replacement for assembly programming, one user's comment sums up most people's reaction to a few hours with CorePy:
"CorePy makes assembly fun again!" (Alex Breuer)
CorePy is developed by Chris Mueller, Andrew Friedley, and Ben Martin. Significant support is provided by Andrew Lumsdaine at the Open Systems Laboratory at Indiana University.

CorePy is an open source project available under a BSD license.

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